Intellectual Property Law

In the digital age, the protection of a company’s intellectual property–its trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights and patents–has never been more crucial to business success. This is particularly true in emerging industries, where your brand is sometimes all there is to differentiate you in the marketplace.

Our intellectual property attorneys assist clients with the registration, enforcement and licensing of trademarks in a variety of jurisdictions. We have considerable experience advising clients as to the unique and convoluted legal framework around U.S. federal trademarks for cannabis and hemp businesses, including regarding products containing CBD in any form. 

We regularly address IP issues arising in the context of mergers & acquisitions. We also have considerable experience inside and outside the courtroom protecting clients’ trade secrets and confidential information in the employment context, from drafting complex IP provisions in employment agreements to emergency litigation to protect a client’s trade secrets.

Clients in the e-commerce space ask us to review or audit their websites and other platforms for compliance with, among other things, IP and privacy laws, as well as FDA, FTC and other regulations.